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  • KJLYNN ·
    Larry, Could you please advise me of the cost for refinishing the window switches, radio buttons, center buttons, for lock buttons for an 05 Maserati Spyder GT ? Thanks, Kenneth Lynn
    Kenbeden ·
    Just bought a convertible 2004 Spyder GT Vintage with 16K from a Maserati dealer. Full Maserati service records and bumper to bumper inspection with any needed repairs prior to purchase. I am a BMW guy (Z4M and Z4 roadsters), but I love this car. Just a word of thanks for this very informative forum.
    ifeelfree0 ·
    Hi Larry,
    We communicated several months ago about me getting my GS re-done although I have no history saved in my account . Can you give me the cost breakdown again and forward the pics of finished units. If I recall, there are 4 vents, 2 window buttons, start, mspr?, and the 5 in the center stack. Any others? Once I get this and an estimate, I will call you to firm everything up. Please forward and include your cell.

    MarcoAntonio ·
    I understand that you are "the guy" when it comes to refurbishing the "sticky buttons". I tried to send you an email, but did not get a response (not sure if it is an active address). Hopefully this will work better.
    I presume that you have access to a pad printer. The photos of your work are head and shoulders above anyone else's.
    Can you advise a price, as well as the process to remove them?
    Many thanks,
    05 Coupe
    Goes185 ·
    Hey Lorenz (Larry), Thanks for the amazing job on the console buttons for the '04 Spyder. I'd lived with it for way too long, and my wife was always complaining about it. Finally she took matters into her own hands and called you. The buttons are flawless. I give you an A+ rating for anyone who needs to fix their sticky console and vent problems!
    92Devil ·

    I am currently disassembling all of my controls and dash to both fix the sticky problem and dig into the heater core to do some preventive work. Can you help me with the buttons? I'm at [email protected]


    Eddy ·
    Hello Lorenzo. New to the forum via a 2002 Cambiocorsa. I'm in need of new buttons for the HVAC console. Please tell me what proceedure I need to follow to get the buttons to you for restoration. Thank you.
    F1COUPE ·
    Hi. Mine were the same style as yours, but not polished.... I sold them for 1200 total. I gave the buyer an excellent deal..... He paid for the shipping.
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