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  1. 2014 Quattroporte GTS P0308 Misfire

    QP6 2013-
    I am from the uk/Australia but when I bought my 2015 QP GTS I got a 2 year extended warranty in Switzerland. No mechanical issues yet in my few months ownership, but it also means I can’t tune the car or I would probably break the warranty.
  2. Awesome results with custom tune on a 2014 Quattroporte GTS

    QP6 2013-
    This will be next mod for sure after my 2015 QP6 GTS has had a service at Maserati. How's the acceleration?
  3. Doug DeMuro finally reviews the GT!

    As you can see in the pictures below the QP GTS is the most expensive/flagship car followed closely by the MC Stradale. But one is a flagship coupe and one is a flagship sedan as you say. The weight difference is actually marginal with the current 4 seater MC Stradale coming in at 1800kg and...
  4. Getting challenged on the highway

    Its kerb weight is not too bad at 1900kg, Its actually 100kg lighter than a m5. Then the stock power is 530hp and 710 nm torque. Fantastic highway cruiser gets up to high speed very quickly. Being a twin turbo v8 a stage 1 dyno tune would also get you big gains in power/torque if you wanted. You...
  5. Getting challenged on the highway

    I know those cars are very fast off the line for 1/8 mile. I think what happened in my case was the drivers reaction time to the light turning green was not good. I was light watching lol. Not a good idea at a intersection because someone could jump the red light, but as soon as it went from...
  6. Getting challenged on the highway

    I've just had a few tesla's/bmws try to race me at the lights, but the QP 6 GTS really pulls hard with 530hp and 710 nm torque. So no loss yet. I've also had a mercedes AMG GTS convertible try to out exhaust me in a tunnel, but I showed him the true sound of the Maserati and won the tunnel...
  7. Doug DeMuro finally reviews the GT!

    The granturismo remains at 460hp because the Quattroporte 6 GTS has 530hp/710nm torque from its twin turbo v8 f154 and is the flagship of the maserati range.
  8. 2013 qp6 GTS (oval exhaust) vs qp6 gts

    QP6 2013-
    I do like the Sat Nav in my 2015 its really easy to use with the touchscreen as you said. Improved Merc GL63 AMG switch gear, so this Chrysler parts argument basically has no standing.
  9. 2013 qp6 GTS (oval exhaust) vs qp6 gts

    QP6 2013-
    Insignificant Parts like the window switches and sat Nav are from fiat/chrysler parts bin in the QP6 GTS 2014-present . However the QP5 GTS 2009-2013 sat nav and sticky switches were terrible and low quality, these bin parts are a huge improvement. The QP6 is 95% made by Maserati and Ferrari.
  10. 2013 qp6 GTS (oval exhaust) vs qp6 gts

    QP6 2013-
    QP5 GTS Specs are 444 hp from a 4.7 litre ferrari v8 found also in the Granturismo S, sport, mc stradale. Fantastic exhaust note but I think the Granturismo version was always a much nicer body paired with the same engine. (gts version 2009-2013) QP6 GTS Specs are 530hp and 710 nm torque from a...
  11. New owner of MC Stradale

    Modern Maserati
    Thanks man. Yeah I think its location dependent on how good the reactions are. This was in France at a Holiday Inn. Sometimes your worried where you park the car (my car width is 2.1 meters and 5.2 meters long) but nothing has happened to the car yet. Yeah I only drive in Sport mode, the...
  12. New owner of MC Stradale

    Modern Maserati
    I am in my 20's as well, congrats on the new Granturismo MC. I got the 2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS recently in Switzerland. So far just positive reaction. People just gathering near my car when parked below and taking selfies etc with the car.
  13. Priceless reactions - Maserati

    Maserati Lounge
    2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS reaction The current gen QP is still a supercar sedan. 100kg lighter than the previous gen, at 1900kg kerb weight. Plus 530ps and 710nm torque.
  14. My new 2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS

    QP6 2013-
    Some nicer pics.
  15. My new 2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS

    QP6 2013-
    Its feels very fast, faster than a Maserati MC Stradale. I am not going to break the warranty but I think with a basic dyno tune from Novitec Trident it will be 600hp plus easily. Thank you, I think the car looks perfect in stock form with the 21 Titanos. I don't plan to modify the car at all...