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  • Theronh357 ·
    hey Josh,
    I've got a problem w/ my car, and could REALLY use your advice bro...if you could, please give me a call @ 202-403-4741 (it's an "oil light" situation, btw) @ your convenience (I'd like to discuss w/ it you, least I get 'taking advantage of' at some repair shop).

    Thanks J,
    JoshH ·
    It is wise to budget an average of $4-5k a year for repairs & maintenance. Some years will just be an oil change and some will be tires, brakes and full service. I'm not sure what to advise on purchase price, I haven't been monitoring the market that closely. I would suspect them to be in the $50-60k range though.
    petieboy929 ·
    HI Josh

    Im looking to buy a 2008 or 2009 Gran turismo with around 35k. Generally I will be using this car on the weekends. So i figure bout 5k a year. How much maintenance do you think it will be a year ? What would be a good price for a 2008-2009 with that mileage? Thanks in advance
    JoshH ·
    No problem Mike,

    The entertainment system in these cars is fairly complex and completely integrated. It costs nearly $7k to do a proper upgrade, we've yet to actually sell an upgrade. Most owners find the price tag too high to justify.

    richmike24 ·
    Hi Josh
    Thanks for the response on the compressor question.

    My next question is of you guys do custom sound system upgrades..If so do you have any ideas or pictures of any projects that you guys have done on a quattroporte??
    DiabloVT600 ·

    My e-mail is [email protected] I'm a mechanical engineer operating out of Boulder, Colorado, and I have a bunch of good resources out here. Sounds like you're well-connected too, so let's collaborate on this custom Biturbo stuff. Not a lot of people looking to customize these old cars in a high-quality way.

    JoshH ·
    They're a bit slow to respond. We've found a way around the Turkish distributor and am trying to contact Pega directly. I'm hoping we'll have word in a week or so.
    JoshH ·
    Good call Tim! Yea, we can definitely manufacture something that'll work well and look pretty to. We could probably make caps from scratch with the Trident or whatever you'd like machined into them.
    TangoIndiaMike ·
    Hey Josh,
    I have another little project. The center snap-ins on my wheels, of course, say "MHT". I want some custom ones made that will fit my wheels. I already tried the factory wheel snap-ins.... wrong size. Is this something you or someone you know can help me with?
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