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  • jlgnola ·
    Thanks, BigFoot! As long as it's nothing about to break or catch fire, I'm not overly
    concerned. Thanks for your quick responses. You seem to be most knowledgeable
    about these cars, so I'll be asking you more tin the future if you don't mind. My name
    is Joey by the way. This website has been a great source of info for me... Kept me away from the DuoSelect which I would undoubtedly have destroyed numerous times and put me in a 2006 Coupe GT (sold) and then a 2007 Quattroporte Exec. GT. I may be the only deaf member on this forum, but I can still appreciate the engine roar and
    superb handling of these cars. Awesome! Thanks again, Joey.
    BigFoot ·
    Hi, if it has the auto transmission, I am not sure about the whirring sound, I would have thought there should not be any sound.
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