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  • Juris ·
    Hi Jason - ON the forum folks say to break in new pads one must do 5-6 of the 60mph hard stop to 20 as soon as you install the new pads. ON the EBC instructions they say: do that after 200 miles of of city use. Which is the best procedure? Thank you.
    Jason Caponi ·
    I Need a PPI in Atlanta on Monday 6.13.16

    I al looking at a 2005 CC and the owner of the car drove the car ATL for me to get a good look. I like the car so now I need a PPI done on Monday so that we can do the deal and he can drive a rental car home if everything checks out.

    Please let me know if you can do a PPI on Monday morning and if so what do you charge?

    Thank you.

    Jason Caponi
    sharrop ·
    Hi Jason

    Wondering if you could give me some advice on buying a used QP.
    I live in Atlanta and am considering a 2009 or slightly later model for around $40,000, there seem to be several available in the area.
    Would you consider these reliable cars that can be used daily, as long as I keep the maintenance up, and can you give me any kind of ball park figure of the annual maintenance/repair costs? I understand this might be a vague question but any thoughts you have would be gratefully appreciated.

    Of course I'd be bringing yourselves the car to service and maintain.


    joecanz ·
    Hi Jason, Joe here, i have a 2008 gt and i noticed a low grade ticking when i decelerate the car around the 1400 rpm to 1000 rpm range ? it disappears at lower rpms and when i accelerate i hear nothing? the car seems to run fine? i put some rizlone in thinking a sticky lifter? then i read maybe a bent rod? not I'm hearing even worse a variator? from what I'm reading it cost $16000? thats insane! what happens if i dont fix it? to be honest i don't even know what a variator is? thanks for your insight?
    marcbrowne ·
    Thanks Jason. Much appreciated for the prompt response. It doesn't seem to be difficult. As you stated, simply connect the screw driver to the fuse box as you did in the pic, clamp the positive on the shaft of the screw driver and the negative to unpainted metal in the foot well.

    The question is, after this is connected, would the trunk now open via the electronic release? I assume so. I would be sure to get someone local with more knowledge (than I) on this topic to assist me with it as I would not want to damage anything.

    For now, there isn't a rush as I live in the Northeast and we were just hammered with a snow storm. Not exactly looking to drive anytime soon.

    Thanks again in advance.

    [email protected] Enzo`s Atlanta ·
    Hey Marc, go back and look at the pic...After that I`m not sure how much more detail I can provide...If your unfamiliar with this kind of stuff. Go grab a tech. from somewhere and give him some money to do it for you...Your connecting to the large red or red/black stripe wire going into the fuse box...They are large like 3/16" 0r 7mm....good luck...Jason
    marcbrowne ·
    Hi Jason - I decided to reach out to you directly because I'm having an issue on my GranTurismo S which I think you maybe able to assist me with. Reason I say that is because you made some valuable input on a thread of which I'm experiencing the same issue.

    So the issue is that I have not driven the car in weeks and now I'm not able to jump it because I cannot get to the trunk because the manual release is not working. You outlined a method of going directly to the fuse box in order to get the trunk open. I Think I follow your method but I'm not quite sure. Would it be possible to provide detailed instructions that I might be able to follow? I would greatly appreciate it.

    I do not have a batter charger but but I do have a jump box that I would use to jump the car once I can get to the trunk.

    Many many thanks in advance. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) directly as I don't log into this site very often.

    [email protected] Enzo`s Atlanta ·
    Hey Ryan, it could be the gas cap..Best way to get that figured out is to read the fault code..Any Autozone should be able to read that for you..If your wife needs help with it please call Phil at 770-956-0207..we`ll walk her through it while you are away..Thanks for your service and we`ll take care of you..Soldiers get preferred treatment at Enzo`s..Be safe..Jason
    I'm active duty military and currently deployed. I bought an 07 QP Sport GT and when it arrived to my home in Fort Mitchell, AL my wife says it is showing Engine Control System to dealer,etc. I read through forums and it may be gas cap and I will have her verify it. However, is there a way to reset because the seller is saying it may be something that happen with a sensor during shipping. He claims that he didn't get any codes like that. Please advise and thanks in advance. Ryan
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