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  • Kolohe ·
    Hello Jason, I hate to bother you again but have some questions. This is my first paddle shift car but this thing down shifts pretty hard and match revs with about an increase of 1.5-2k rom and it is jerky in manual mode. Is this normal or it there an update to the mod that will calm this down. I still plan on bring you the car for 15k service and fbw install sometime this month or next. Do I just call and make an appointment. Thanks dosh
    08SRX ·
    Okay, yeah you got me on the trunk issue! LOL. I guess it doesn't make much sense that the trunk won't open when you have your hands full. Have a great day!
    rigotee ·
    Hey Jason. I own a 2014 GTS (44,000 miles) and the warranty expires at the end of this month. I thought it might be a good idea to have you guys check it over for any issues, I could then take to have fixed at the dealership under warranty. It currently runs great, no known issues of any kind, just being overly cautious I guess. Do you think this would be worthwhile and how much would you guys charge for a thorough once over?

    Thanks, Steve
    Kolohe ·
    Aloha Jason. I bought the car for 39k. It was pricey but the car was almost new. The soft coat is starting to fail but that was about it. Car only has 13k miles. I always thank you for your insight. This car drives so much nicer than my spyder. I think a lot quicker to. I’ll post pics sometime this week we will be in hiawasee this summer so I will bring her in for all fluids and checkup. Thanks Dosh
    timado404 ·
    Ok I got you now, I just PM'd you back, (I was confused)... I didn't realize I had to come to this platform to answer you, my mistake! And yeah, your price is just fine, thanks for the info....Looking at getting it done within a few weeks or so
    [email protected] ·

    Several people have asked me to reach out to you. So, O2 Sensor Monitor, Heater, and Fuel System Monitors still showing not ready after I changed the battery change. I don't know what to do. I have driven more than 500 Miles and I am about to go away again for work. I have followed at least 20 different drive cycle recommendations from around the net. Can someone help me without having to pay the dealer $300 for a diagnosis? No CEL, car running fine otherwise. Just will not accept drive cycle. I do not want to restart and drive another 500 miles.

    Thanks for any advice.
    alvav ·
    Hi Jason. Sorry to bother you but I'd really like to have your advice. I have a 2009 GTS with the F1 tranny and want to order fluid. Hesitating between the Redline 75W90NS or the Motul 300 75W90NS. I'm concerned about synchro wear. What do you think? Thanks.
    Jaimecasa45 ·
    Jason, I am in Tampa with a 08 QP. I have the variator rattle 2-3 seconds on startup about half the time. Car has 70K Mi. Anyone down here you would recommend for repair? Also what are odds of replacing the Blaupunkt NIT with an 09 next generation radio/nav & harness without problems.
    Will probably give car to daughter in Atl in a couple years. Nice to know she will have a knowledgeable place to help her.
    timado404 ·
    Hey Jason,
    is there a shop that you would recommend for repair/paint of curb rash/damaged wheels?
    20" factory Gloss Black Neptune style...


    Sgregor ·
    Hey Jason,

    I read your post on the suspicion that what actually wears out when you have a variator problem is not the actual variator, but the bushing in which it rotates. I'm in the process of doing my variators. I have purchased new solenoids, timing sensors, both bronze bushings, the segments, new "O" rings and high pressure pump. I have one new variator only, they are on back order with Maserati, with no specific delivery date. When I removed the cams and variators, both bushings were badly scored with groves from the segments. I think this is where the oil pressure loss is occurring? So, what do think about replacing all the other old parts with new, installing one new variator and reinstalling one of the old variators and see what happens. Thanks for your advice, always appreciated!

    If you can respond, can you just send to [email protected]? Thanks buddy,

    2007 QPT F1 Duo Select
    timado404 ·
    Hello Jason,
    I scooped up a 2014 GranTurismo on Saturday, 42,500 miles.... looking to have a valve cover job done as I can see the very beginning of some weeping/dirt collecting around valve cover area.... what's a ball part price on this job? thanks

    imarihavard ·
    Hey Jason,

    My 08 GT is stuck in 4th gear. I found a thread online that describes exactlly what mine is doing:

    Granturismo gearbox stuck in 4th gear :( |

    I'm going to bring it in Monday morning, so I just wanted to give you a heads up.

    ger ·
    Hi Jason, I've seen a lot of your informative posts which I truly appreciate. Are you a Maserati Mechanic? I looking for straightforward advise regarding my TPMS system if you can help. 2010 GT Sport. My TPMS sensors were no longer reading.My tire shop verified that they cannot receive a signal.
    Step 1 was to replace the TPMS sensors. Same error on dash. Tried numerous re-calibrate with no success.
    Step 2 Replaced the TPMS Control Module. Same error however, the re-calibrate procedure showed the tire pressure screen prior to failing.

    So my question which I've seen conflicting answers is Does a dealer need to re-program the TPMS serial numbers into the car for it to be recognized? My closest dealer is 200 miles away so it's not the most convenient option.

    Any assistance would be great.
    ErikDiSomma ·
    Hey Jason -

    I want to get my variators done on my 05. I spoke to Vance and he asked me to PM you about an option that came to mind. Euroholics has a 45K mile QP engine for sale that they are willing to drive over to your shop - they are like 10 miles away. I could get this engine for about $3K to $3,400. Considering my car now has 102K miles on it and the variators failed so early in life (pre-40K), it might make sense to just install a new engine. The engine is free of any bolt-ons, like AC compressor, alt., etc., so I'm sure it will be a labor intensive job. Jeff at Euroholics ensured that the engine was free of any strange noises when tested.

    About my car - I recently did replace the AC compressor, alternator, spark plugs, valve cover gaskets and both variator solenoids.

    Just hoping to get some insight on what the next steps should be. I can drive it up to you guys to have the work completed either way. Like to get started sometime this month.

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