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  1. Considering an '08/What to Look For

    I'm considering an '08 Gran Turismo. Having lived with a Cambio Corsa for the last 7 years and worrying, however undeservedly, when the sword of Damacles would fall, I am considering a ZF automatic-equipped GT. I've heard of water pump housing issues which throw a code, as well as water pump...
  2. Just got RED AIR BAG Light on Dash? Suggestions?

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    First, Hello from a long time member, but one who's been quiet for some time. I am selling my '02 Coupe. I have nearly 60k miles on it, and have a $26k offer which I have accepted. I share this only for additional information as to what the market will bear for these cares. Mine was heavily...
  3. Loudlink and coupe

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Molto Interessante! This is very appealing to me. I've lost my Ipod, having previously used the IceLink controller for my 4200. Though this would be a car-specific installation, it basically would replace the Ipod. Question, though: Will this unit allow for random playback? The Ipod could be...
  4. Reconditioning Sticky Gooey Interior Parts

    Modern Maserati
    Ciao Mi Amici, My '02 interior is melting as well. I've seen worse posted here, but mine requires attention. The following advice applies ONLY to the non-lighted, non-switch interior pieces. I've had great luck wiping gooey interior pieces-such as the interior door lock surrounds-with acetone...
  5. Changing speakers in rear side panel-Part II

    Modern Maserati
    Ciao Rimbaud, The grille that you see from the inside of the car is a separate piece of interior trim, so there are no cosmetic differences when you replace the speakers which reside behind that grill. The actual speakers are quite different than the paper OEM P.O.S. speakers, in that they have...
  6. Changing speakers in rear side panel-Part II

    Modern Maserati
    Ciao Mi Amici, Having just sucessfully replaced the rear side-mounted speakers in my Coupe, I thought I would share my experiences. The original, non-Auditorium speaker is a 5" x 7" two way speaker of the lowest quality. A number of manufacturers make 5 x 7 speakers, but beware. Many are "dual...
  7. Group buy on stiffer and lower springs

    Modern Maserati
    And be careful with earlier models.... Turns out that when I ordered FD's springs for my 2002 Non-Skyhook Coupe, I ran into a pretty expensive surprise. Turns out the '02 suspension was significantly different than later runs, so much so that Jeff at FD and I essentially had to start from...
  8. Replacing the back seat side panel speakers

    Modern Maserati
    Buon Giorno! Iv'e done a modest upgrade to my Coupe's stereo system, which involved a three channel JL Audio amp, MB Quartz components in the doors, and I think JVC's in the rear parcel shelf. I never replaced the stock speakers in the rear seat side panels. That location seems capable of...
  9. Auto Window Up/Down w/opening door

    Modern Maserati
    Thanks for the tips guys. I'm afraid nothing has yet worked. The passgenger side window's auto up/down feature is working, but is not moving down as much as it did before the car was lowered. My car is probably lower up front than those with the off-the-shelf FD springs, as my '02 required...
  10. Auto Window Up/Down w/opening door

    Modern Maserati
    Ciao Mia Famiglia, It's been some time since I posted. Doing more reading than posting. Anyway, lowered the car recently with the help of Jeff at FD. 2002 owners beware: our specs are not like everybody else's. There were definite changes in spring specs after the '02 production. Jeff is...
  11. Trunk Release Not Working

    Modern Maserati
    ...the rest of the story Looks like my briefcase was somehow jamming the lock mechanism. My key FOB continues to open the trunk lid as usual. However, my "plunger" switch in the glove box continues to fail. I'm guessing this rules out the relay, right, and points the finger towards the interior...
  12. Trunk Release Not Working

    Modern Maserati
    Hi Guys, long time no write. A few months back, the "wired" trunk release in my glove compartment stopped working. Today, the remote trunk release on the key FOB stopped working. Though I got lucky upon repetitively pushing the glove box button and got a connection and popped the lid, my luck...
  13. found a cool speaker website

    Modern Maserati
    Custom Sub Enclosure? Has anyone done a custom sub enclosure to fit the spare wheel well on the Coupes?
  14. Cracked Radiator!!

    Modern Maserati
    I don't like their attitude... If you wanted that "we're doing you a favor attitude" you could have taken it to the dealer. I say keep hunting for a reputable shop. I found one here in Naples, and they will install anything I tell them too, enthusiastically. All warranty issues aside, that's as...
  15. Do Maserati's have soft paint?

    Modern Maserati
    A veritable constellation... I hate to get too close to my Nero Carbonio black paint just in front of the rear wheels. It's like staring into a moonless sky. I can't recall any such problems with other marques.