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  • MKTViper ·

    Strongly considering the DBW for my 05 Sypder. Had one on my 06 GS and could definitely tell the difference!

    Question... Is the Kiss Point programmed into the DBW or set independently? I don't know if that's a mechanical or electrical setting. I'm planning on DIY install so need to know if I have to get someone to check and set it prior to that.

    [email protected] ·
    Hey I'm about to be back in town next week and was thinking of some upgrades for my current qp 07, I was wondering what will be the price if I purchase all 3 of the Larini system, x pipe sport cats and back exhaust and also the ECM performence chip plus the drive by wire automatic enhancement module!

    What will be the overall cost of the items I just listed plus tax and how long will it take to install everything on? Please let me know ASAP thank you very much.

    Johnm ·
    I will be arriving in Vegas tomorrow Nov 18th and will call you one during my 5 day stay. I hope you will be settled in your new facility by then. Looking forward meeting you all. See you soon.
    Johnm ·
    Hi Cyrill,
    I'm going to be in Vegas from Nov 18th-22nd and I want to come to visit Jeff and the FD team. I'm interested with the Stada Lusso wheels and also interesting at looking at some of your other products. How far away is FD from the strip?
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