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  1. Buying a GranSport - Help Needed!

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    My clutch wear was at 80+% when I bought it...I drove it about 1800 miles the had it replaced.
  2. First drives of the season

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    Well, the snow melted a bit in the CO Rockies and I was finally able to get the GS on the road. I put 800 mi on her over 4 days...carving some beautiful canyons. Today, me and the wife went to the Denver Zoo. On the way home I was forced to straddle some metal object on the highway which...
  3. Winter break for the GS

    Garage - Photos & Videos
    Got the GS out of the garage today. Too icy to make it up the hill for a real drive, but she was able to growl a bit.
  4. Swap GranSport Coupe for 2013 BMW M5?

    Coupe, Spyder, GS
    I've been driving BMWs for years. I love em' (presently have a modified 3-series). And they're way less fun than my GS. Worthy of note...the GS is timeless. Modern BMWs are not. IMHO.
  5. Hey All

    Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone, Just joined the group. Happy to be here, and reading all of this good stuff. I'll get some more pics of my car once the snow melts. Cheers!