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  • sdscardino ·
    Hi Bettie, mine was $500 installed at the dealer. Not sure where to find used but that would be a good question for the open forum. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, good luck! Scott
    GrndLkNatv ·
    I would have him look up Ricambi America in North Carolina, they are in the 1 800 toll free listings if you call the operator. Tell them what you need and I am sure they have it at a decent price.
    sechack ·
    Are you still looking to buy? Sorry I just saw this message today. The first thing I would do is get a carfax report and have a Maserati dealer look up the maintenance history.
    GrndLkNatv ·
    That's a very good price for a car of that year and the mileage is not something I would worry about... I would take the car to your local Ferrari/Maserati dealer and have it checked out.. It will probably cost you about 500 or so but it will be money well spent. The big problem with Maserati's is the clutch and the F1 pump in the transmission if you are buying a paddle shift tranny. The dealer can tell you how much the clutch has left on it and it all else is in good condition... Once you do this and it checks out, drive it like you stole it! The harder you drive these cars, the better they are... Italian cars collect problems when sitting in the garage, not while being driven...
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