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  1. QP GTS
    01-31-2016 01:52 AM - permalink
    QP GTS
    Hello I am researching the archives in regard to a problem that I am having. Just in the last few weeks I have noticed a click click click (seems more plastic on plastic or plastic on metal as opposed to a clunk or clinking noise I would expect with metal on metal) that I notice with the windows down, seemingly only when turning. The frequency definitely correlates with rpm or wheel speed (seems to be the latter more specifically as I can tell). I notice it especially in a multistory garage it is very noticeable due to the confined space and noise reflection. At high speed when cornering I cannot hear it not sure if it is wind noise and tire noise disguising it or if it indeed disappears. Did you ever find out the cause of your noise that you were describing on your thread in the middle of last month? Any help appreciated as I am going to the dealer in the next week or so but don't want to replace thousands of dollars of equipment and not solve the problem.
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