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  1. ErikDiSomma
    01-26-2017 04:18 PM - permalink
    I would try to get the PIS set at a dealer, if possible. Should be about $195.00. I'm not sure what programming tool the clutch installer used, but the SD3 has more capability to adjust outside of spec. For example, if you install all new parts (clutch, flywheel, sensor, TO bearing, etc.) then the factory settings store easily with a Leo or ST05 unit. However, if you only replace the clutch plates, the OEM parameters won't work due to the wear on the old flywheel, so they need to be adjusted outside of spec. Remember there is only 1mm of allowable wear on the clutch to begin with - so if you have half that much wear on the flywheel, you'll already be at 50% clutch wear out of the gate with factory specs.

    Regardless, I am sure there is a way to set the parameters to get through the issue. Let me know what happens.
  2. ErikDiSomma
    01-26-2017 04:17 PM - permalink
    Yes, they should've at least resurfaced the flywheel, since it is literally a $150 job at best while it is apart. There are likely hot spots that the resurfacing would've removed.

    The vibration is usually the clutch actually slipping under load - the springs will cause it to vibrate quite a bit in this case.

    You shouldn't hear anything in Neutral as the clutch should be in stationary contact with the flywheel while in gear, including while in Neutral. Now, if it is a rattling you hear after a few minutes idling in N, that would be your driveshaft bearings, which is a VERY common issue with these. Not an imperative fix.

    Have you had a PIS set on the car? Is this a valeo clutch?
  3. mendezjayc1
    01-24-2017 04:41 PM - permalink
    Hello Erik

    Recently, you commented on a thread regarding my new clutch replacement where I'm having some issues. You mentioned about hopefully they resurfaced the I asked them and they said looked fine. They should have resurfaced it anyways, right? This could be the reason I have vibrations, etc. While the car is in neutral i sometimes hear a grinding or grumbling sound. It feels like the gears are not strong anymore, meaning that i have to change the gears sooner than before at lower rpms because if not then i start feeling the vibrations more...any thoughts? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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