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  1. Jason@ Enzo`s Atlanta
    Erik, I appreciate you would want use to do the work however, I more than slightly worried it could turn into mess. I have never even heard of those people and I have been at this shop 25 years and in the area almost 30...I can just see a scenario were we get the engine in and it makes noise...I really want no part of it......sorry......Jason
  2. ErikDiSomma
    08-07-2017 03:17 PM - permalink
    Hey Jason -

    I want to get my variators done on my 05. I spoke to Vance and he asked me to PM you about an option that came to mind. Euroholics has a 45K mile QP engine for sale that they are willing to drive over to your shop - they are like 10 miles away. I could get this engine for about $3K to $3,400. Considering my car now has 102K miles on it and the variators failed so early in life (pre-40K), it might make sense to just install a new engine. The engine is free of any bolt-ons, like AC compressor, alt., etc., so I'm sure it will be a labor intensive job. Jeff at Euroholics ensured that the engine was free of any strange noises when tested.

    About my car - I recently did replace the AC compressor, alternator, spark plugs, valve cover gaskets and both variator solenoids.

    Just hoping to get some insight on what the next steps should be. I can drive it up to you guys to have the work completed either way. Like to get started sometime this month.

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